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Custom forms

Custom Forms and Processes

Make your B2B communications more collaborative with structure and automation.

Current activities

Current Activities View and Audit Trails

Use the Current Activities view to track all actions related to a business document to easily produce an audit trail for B2B transactions.

send and receive time stamps icon

Send and Receive Time Stamps

Know exactly when important business documents are sent or received with verified document delivery timestamps for enforcing Just-In-Time delivery standards.

multiple logins icon

Multiple Logins

Get multiple logins for chainLink SRM so that everyone on your team that needs access has access.

icon of suppliers of suppliers

Suppliers of Your Suppliers

Improve your supply chain planning by gaining insight into your supplier's supply chain.

document forwarding icon

Document Forwarding

This basic workflow function allows routing documents between different user logins to facilitate the collection of information and actions on documents to support your business process.

enterprise collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration

Effective B2B collaboration is about sharing business data with trading partners in a defined business process.

File Attachments icon

File Attachements

Attach files to any business document message, such as a reject notice or ASN.

Go beyond EDI icon

Go Beyond EDI

Transfer, track, and deliver traditional EDI, XML, JSON, and other types of non-EDI standard format data type based documents, messages, and files.

Back office integrations icon

Back-Office Integrations

Connect your in-house systems directly to ChainLink SRM. Fully automate the data connection between your systems and chainLink SRM for unattended send and Receive Capability.

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